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Exercising Strategy: A Customized Appraisal System (Chapter 8, p. 392)
Equifax provides information solutions to businesses and consumers regarding credit reporting, fraud protection, and debt recovery services. Equifax created a customized performance system to integrate organizational and individual performance, increase accountability, and improve follow-up. Managers are required to create annual objectives in four areas: strategy, operations, people, and finances. The objectives are weighted along with needed competencies for workplace tasks. A midyear evaluation is completed to ensure that objectives are being met, identify any objectives that need to be changed, and ensure that managers are discussing performance with their employees. Ratings are not given at the midyear review but are provided at the end of the year. As part of the performance management process, employees must include a learning objective, which states how and when the employee intends to accomplish the objective and apply it in job or career development. The objective counts for 10 percent of the employee’s overall evaluation.

1. How does this type of performance management system affect training and development?
2. Do you think it is more important for performance management systems such as this one to focus more, less, or about the same on what gets accomplished (objectives) or how it is accomplished (behavior, competencies)? Explain your choice.
3. What recommendations would you give to Equifax to make this system even more effective?


1. How does this type of performance management system affect training and development * The employee is actively involved to the process by allowing him to set his own learning objectives. As a result, he will be more motivated to achieve them. * Also, the employee will evaluate himself when reflecting on the...

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