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Tiger Mending

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“Tiger Mending”

After I finished reading this short story, I was left feeling very unsettled. I think the most prominent reason being the numerous questions left in my head that were not answered in the story. The story starts off explaining two sisters. It appears to be that both of the sisters love each other very much and enjoy being around each other despite the fact that they have two very different personalities. They both have different strengths and different qualities but somehow seem to work well together. Towards the beginning of the story, the narrator tells the reader that the girl’s parents have died. Both parents passed away during surgery, nothing more is explained. That is one of the reasons why Sloane, one of the sisters, stops medical school because she doesn’t want to be a surgeon after what happened to her parents. One major question I had while reading this story was why does their work have to be so secretive? The girls are blind folded when they are transported to the location of the tigers and then told to be quite about their jobs. When the girls discover that they will be fixing tigers with ripped open skin, I felt disgusted. There is a lot of emphases on the tiger’s strips, which to me was very symbolic in this story. No two tigers have the exact same pattern of stripes. I could connect that realization with the idea that no two people are exactly the same as well. I also saw the parallel between life and society. For example, people can’t blame others for the way things are, because we are the causes of situations and play a role in the problems we face in our own lives. Even after the girls discover that the tigers are doing the damage to themselves, there’s no more to the story. I wish the author could have elaborated on how the girls felt about this discovery and how they would have gone about fixing it for the future. I enjoyed this story in all manly because of its creativity and how it plays out visually in the reader’s head, but I wish there could be more answered questions.

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