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Tightrope Walking

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It is not a strange realization to see that walking foot over foot on a tightrope takes balance in any scenario. The ability to walk on a tightrope however does revolve physics and its properties. Angular rotation, (w=L/I), angular momentum, (L=IW), and moment of inertia,(I=mr^2), are three major physical categories and characteristics that play a part in a tightrope walker’s ability to stay on the rope and not fall to his potential demise. But how does a tightrope walker increase his chances of staying on the rope? Often times one can see a tightrope walker carrying a large pole, a pole with heavy weights on the end, bending his knees, or extending their hands outward. All of these actions help to increase the ropewalker’s chances of success. Picture the rope as the axis. When a tightrope walker embarks on his journey, he must stay constantly positioned over that axis to maintain balance. Carrying a pole horizontally helps to distribute the ropewalker’s mass laterally in a direction away from the axis, or rope. Having a pole in hand helps to increase stability because the ends of the pole are constantly being acted upon by a variety of forces that are trying to change their position in the air with every step. The heavier the pole the more force will be needed to alter the poles position and begin rotation around the rope. Heavy weights can sometimes be placed on the end of the pole increasing stability. More force will be needed to move the heavier pole. The weights essentially amplify the pole’s effect helping the walker stay on the rope. Torque also acts on the ends of the poles. Since both sides are being acted upon, the torque forces balance each other out. The moment of inertia is also an essentially physical property to account for when walking on a tightrope. In easier terms, the moment of inertia is basically the walker’s resistance to angular rotation about the axis (rope). The heavier the tightrope walker is (mass of themselves, pole, and potential weights on the ends) the higher the moment of inertia. The pole will increase the ropewalker’s moment of inertia and his resistance to rotate angularly about the axis. The weights on the end of the pole also increase the moment of inertia further. With an increased moment of inertia, there will be a decreased potential of angular momentum and angular rotation around the rope that could result in a fall or worse. The angular momentum will be decreased as the pole’s weight increases. The heavier the pole, the more the pole will bend towards the rope ultimately lowering the ropewalker’s center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity the higher the percent of stability.


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