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Good morning everyone, it’s great to see you all here and thank you for giving our company the opportunity. My name is Cassie and they are my teammates Mandy, Wendy and Paro. Today we are here to introduce our company to you and we have the confidence that our company is the best and most qualified agency for you to put money on. Firstly, I will have a description of background and financial position, next Mandy will discuss the management structure, equal opportunities policy, employees’ insurance and benefits and research and development, then Wendy will offer the details of services and finally Paro will report on future plans of our company.
The name of our company is ArcherMind Technology which was established in September, 2006 by Wang Jiping. It is a professional software service supplier engaging in Website Development, Online marketing research, Software Testing Services and so on. The headquarters of ArcherMind is located in Nanjing and now it has sales systems in the US, Canada and Japan. In addition, our company extends the service to lots of places in the world such as China, North America, Europe, Japan and Korea and recently it has established long-term cooperative relationship with world-class customers like Intel, Lenovo, huawei and so on. Our service has been recognized by the field and highly appreciated by customers. Since the foundation in 2006, the scale of our company has developed from 300 to more than 2500 people and the annual turnover has been three times. The fixed assets value about 10 million dollar and our company has invested Hua Ping Company 8 billion dollar. The goal of our company is to achieve rapid and stable development to become the top comprehensive software outsourcing service enterprise in the field of China’s industry. After knowing about the background and finical position about our company, let welcome Mandy…...

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