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Time Management and Setting Goals

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Time Management and Setting Goals would help you succeed
Nasser Y Miranda
English 101
University of Phoenix
September 2012

Since his appearance on earth some 85 million years ago humankind always has tried to learn something new. First we learned how to walk, and then we learned how to light a fire and then we invented the wheel all these achievements are important milestones in our evolution. The Al-Azhar founded in Egypt in the 10th BC is considered by many to be the first University in the world (according to Encyclopedia Britannica online). Through time higher education has gone through many changes, from the readings of Plato in Greece to Online Education in the twentieth first century. Although time separates Plato’s teaching from Online Education they each share a common dedication to assisting students manage their time effectively in order to achieve their respective career goals. Higher education in the twentieth first century has become more important than ever before and often students have to juggle work, family life and education, and in order to succeed they have to set goals and prioritize them. Many new students have to work to help pay the high cost of higher education and in order to complete their degree they have to know how to manage their time effectively. All these distractions like work, social and family life can interfere in a student’s ability to obtain a college degree. While some students may have problems with time management, setting goals and prioritizing tasks I believe that with the right support system at home and at work students can achieve a degree in an online or face-to-face education setting.

The Internet forever change the way we do things, from working to socializing and school. Online education has taken the world like a big storm since its beginning in 1994 when CALCampus introduced...

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