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| Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Module/Week 1 | Church | DoctorsCourse Requirements ChecklistDiscussion Board Forum 1Time Management Term Calendar with ReflectionModule/Week 1 Quiz | classwork | Spending time with my family.Food shopping | Classwork | Wic | relaxing | Module/Week 2 | Church | Time Management Preview and Reflection 1Module/Week 2 Quiz | ReadingCollege Books | Cleaning HouseFood shopping | Therapy@ 10am | Laundry | Hanging out with friends | Module/Week 3 | Church | Module/Week 3 QuizPlacement Test - EnglishInformation Literacy Pre-Test | Making sure homework gets done | Laundry | Doctors@2:15 | Organizing My house | Laundry | Module/Week 4 | Church | Article Selection for Discussion Board Forum 2 Module/Week 4 QuizPlacement Test - Math | Making sure that homework is done | Cookout | Therapy@10am | Spending time with my daughter | Beach day with family | Module/Week 5 | Church | Outline for Discussion Board Forum 2. Time Management Preview and Reflection 2Module/Week 5 Quiz | Skyping with my son | Spending time with family | Skyping with my son | Funeral | Hanging out with friends | Module/Week 6 | Church | Rough Draft of Discussion Board Forum 2 | School work | Doctors | school | Doctors | Laundry | Module/Week 7 | Church | FOCUS 2SafeAssign EvaluationModule/Week 7 QuizInformation Literacy Post-Test | School work | Doctors | School work | Doctors | Laundry | Module/Week 8 | Church | Discussion Board Forum 2 Final | School work | Doctors | School work | Doctors | Laundry |

Yes most of my days and weekends are full but they are full of appointments, school and some fun things to do with my family. I have doctor appointments almost three times a week and its every month from here on out for the year to come. School work in my mind is the most important thing to do before anything else gets...

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