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Time or the lack of time is a major problem for many college students. The week won't expand to 200 hours, so it's up to you to make your activities fit the time you have. Follow these directions and use the calendar on the other side to analyze your time use and find some solutions. About 100 of the 168 hours are taken up with sleeping, eating, personal care, travel, chores, religious activities, and some leisure time.            TOTAL THE HOURS ALLOWED FOR CLASS, STUDY, WORK, AND OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES. EXAMINE YOUR SCHEDULE AS IT IS          


Pencil in all your class times, work hours, and other regular commitments such as meetings and practices. Allow for travel times. Allow time to shower, eat meals, do laundry, shop for groceries, etc. REMEMBER TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO SLEEP! If you consistently try to get by on less then 7 hours of sleep per day, you may risk your physical health and undermine everything else. It's true-- you should allow about two hours of study time for every hour you spend in class. A 5-credit math or science class requires ten hours a week to read, study, and do homework problems. Schedule study and review times as soon after classes as possible. Allow study time every day for difficult subjects. Study specific subjects at specific times- math at 2 on Sunday. Try to study at the times of day that are best for you. If you are at your best in the morning, try to study your most difficult subject then rather than in the late afternoon or evening. If you've set a three-hour study block, take breaks and don't spend all the time on one subject. Leave some time unscheduled every day. IF THESE HOURS TOTAL MORE THAN 65, YOU MAY BE OVERCOMMITTED! It can be very difficult to work 30+ hours a week and carry a full academic schedule; the time for study is quite limited. Some people thrive on and can maintain this kind of pace. If you try it one semester and have problems, you should seriously rethink your schedule and commitments. What's wrong with the picture? Is every waking minute full? Are some items taking time at the expense of other items? Be motivated. No one can control your time but you. You must have time for yourself to do what you enjoy—friends, family, exercise, hobbies. Be realistic. What do you really have time for? Set priorities and goals. What do you really want to do? Change, rearrange, delegate and combine tasks and responsibilities. Try a schedule for at least a week or two to see how it goes.



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