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Lake and Von Baeyer’s article described numerous qualities that distinguish a successful student from an average student.
My strongest characteristics are having an educational goal, active listening and participation, body and soul balance, ,curiosity, attendance, good communication, effort, good organization ,team work with professor and class mates.
The reason why I choose these characteristics are because it is my essentials of daily living as a mother at home with my family, at work with my colleagues and as a student .I am motivated by a set goal or a time frame to achieve that academic excellence by keeping an alarm clock, reminder calendar and submitting assignments and report in a timely manner. Daily attendance makes better understanding of the course work, Good balance of the body, mind and body with relaxation between work and study and meditation to the One above.
ACTIVE PARTICIPATION, asking questions make a student to become curios, demonstrates interest in the class and subject, accept responsibility of their own education, improving grades and have a better understanding of the course work and making a good effort to better themselves in the course.
ORGANIZATION makes student ready to learn, able to have a high priority and exceeds other expectations, making reminder calendars, setting alarm and producing results.
TEAM WORK Good team work collaboration with team mates and professor in a healthy study environment promotes success and reflect well on the class and the instructor takes some justification pride in teaching

The above mentioned characteristics will help me to become a successful student during my current program in GCU by constant reminding myself of my educational goal to complete my BSN with a dead line of August 2017, active participation in class assignment and discussions, team work collaboration with my classmates and professor, Setting a reminder calendar, alarm clock of my due assignments, Having a good balance of rest, work and study between, making out time to relax my body and soul.
In conclusion the above discussed characteristics have empowered me to becoming a hardworking mother, student in my program over the years, I have succeeded with self time management, setting goals with dead line and promising and my needs to achieve my goals in a timely manner.

Adapted and shortened in 2005 by Alison Lake and Carl von Baeyer from a web page by Steve Then, Kansas State University, which was based on the following articles in The Teaching Professor. Larry M Ludewig, "Ten Commandments for Effective Study Skills," Dec 1992. John H. Williams, "Clarifying Grade Expectations," Aug/Sep 1993. Paul Solomon and Annette Nellon, "Communicating About the Behavioral Dimensions of Grades," Feb 1996.

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