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Example of a standard template

Standard templates are boring and ugly
They are not fun to look at
Usually contain loads of text
And they are unoriginal

Create your own




Create your own



are nice


with colors





are beautiful






is your friend


My name is Times New Roman
and I am not original.

My name is Comic Sans

and people do not take me seriously.

My name is Helvetica
and I always look good.

I can make the iPhone ios7
look fresh and clean.
- Helvetica Neue



Or make you as fly
as these guys.
- Helvetica Black






is evil

Do you recognize this?
• Slides with multiple paragraphs of text have
shown to significantly decrease the attention
of the audience, and thus the effectiveness of
getting your message across.
• Since we can’t read and listen at the same
time, this basically tells the audience to read
directly off the slides and stop listening to you.

Let your slides breathe.

It lets your audience listen to you.

Do not use the slide as a manuscript

Break up your bullet points into separate slides


say more

than a

Images tend to
catch people’s



and make the message more

is beautiful




View every slide as an advertisement

that should catch the audience


and wow them!





are amazing



answer is


Will google


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