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Module 1: Project Management Integration
Murali Dhulipala
MGT647 Project Management Integration Framework
Dr. Adam Marks

April 28, 2012

Contents 1. List the skills that will enable the project manager to most effectively manage change. 1 2. What are the key components of the project plan? 2 3. What role does configuration management play in the project? How do change control and configuration management interrelate? 4 4. Identify and define the inputs and outputs to integrated change control. 6 5. What performance measurement techniques can be used to identify or control changes to the project scope, schedule, or deliverables? 7 1. Read the case study “Concrete Masonry Corporation” found on pages 334-342 of Kerzner Project Management Case Studies. Complete questions 1, 4, 6, and 10 found on page 342. 9 2. How does change management enable the project manager to manage and work with the customer? 10 --Professional Development: 12 1. Provide the general specifications and requirements for a project information management system that will facilitate project control and enable change management. 12 2. How can you create an environment that enables employees to adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur on your project? What tools can you provide to your employees to facilitate their adaptation? 14 References 16 Book References: 16

1. List the skills that will enable the project manager to most effectively manage change.
When customer initiates a change request, you must be able to predict immediately the impact on schedule, cost and technical performance. We cannot manage customer without management of project management process. Because the planning phase provides the fundamental guidelines for the remainder of the project, careful management control must be established. In addition, since planning is an ongoing activity...

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