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Title Ix Court Case

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TITLE IX Court Case
Title IX is a part of the Education Amendments of 1972. The amendment protects the citizens from discrimination from academic programs on the basis of their gender(Carpenter & Acosta, 2005). It provides that persons of either gender can be granted an opportunity in any education program within taking into consideration their gender. Title IX protects all the students enrolled in government sponsored institutions from discrimination. As much as the code of Civil Rights caters for the protection against such there are still areas where discrimination can arise (Boland, 2002).. For instance, enrollment in some degree programs or some sporting activities might be based on discriminating nature. The Amendments also guard the student against sexual harassment.
This paper will look at the process of filing a Title IX lawsuit. It will analyze based on a sample case study on how to overcome the case based on the current provision of the Education Amendments as well as other relevant laws that pertain to that case. It will observe the consequences of the outcome of the case to the participants of the case. The evaluation will consider all the other external factors that are involved in the process of the filing process and representation in the court of law.
Statement of the Court Case
The case to be analyzed for the purposes of this paper involves Florida State University. The case is of a rape, assault committed against a woman by Jameis Winston. The case has been on hold for two years. The accuser sues the institution for their silence and attempt to cover up the case. The FSU management allegedly knew about the crime, but however they did not report it. Their failure to report to the law enforcers was in an attempt...

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