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I. Company Background
* TiVo, a United States corporation based in Alviso, California was formed in 1997 by Ramsay and Jim Barton and became a leading provider in the digital video recorder (DVR) market in the early 2000s.
* Through a system that is integrated with the set-top boxes of satellite and cable providers, TiVo devices can digitize and compress videos from any source and therefore enables subscribers to record programs without video tapes or DVDs, allowing them to watch the programs at their own preference.
* TiVo’s mission is to “to revolutionize the way consumers watch and access home entertainment by making TiVo the focal point of the digital living room, a center for sharing and experiencing television, music, photos and other content. TiVo connects consumers to the digital entertainment they want, where and when they want it” (TiVo Investor Relation).
II. Utility Map of TiVo’s DVR

| Purchase | Delivery | Use | Supplements | Maintenance | Disposal |
Customer productivity | Free trial | | Two weeks of EPG information, TiVo’s “showcase” service, TiVo’s Series2 | Season Pass, Wishlist, HME | | |
Simplicity | | | Simple clicking | | | |
Convenience | | | User-friendly interface, HMO, TiVo to Go | Conflict resolution system | | |
Risk | | | Difficult installing, help needed from customer service, brand education | | | |
Fun and Image | | | | | | |
Environmental Friendliness | | | | | | |
* TiVo is a smart video recorder that helps its owner watch and record movies in the way they prefer. The device has a lot of good features contributing to consumers’ productivity. For example, the user can fast-forward through the commercials, hit instant replay during sporting events. This also means TV advertisers have some clues about consumers’ behaviors, trends and preferences.…...