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Tm583 Case 1: Apple Inc.

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What were some of Apple’s biggest successes and failures? Describe why.
Apple Inc. has been in the USA and market place for long time since 1975 until today. Apply Inc. is the leader in technology market in the USA and in the world. In very beginning Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak invented Apply I in 1975 and surprising the sale was pretty good. Then two years later the second, Apple II was designed and within a year the company has made $3 million. This is just the result that Apply always been working on creative and new things.
Back in time, the Apple Inc. was not always big success. Couple years later Apple Inc. has design the pricey and unique product with the high price such as, Apple Lisa in 1983 or Macintosh TV in 1993. Both has ended up been the worse product due as a computer specs; it is lackluster and too expensive for Macintosh TV. Another flop is back in 1996 as network computer that can play game.
The failures of Apple have been due to following; 1. Pricey Products 2. Poor marketing efforts 3. Too ambitious products
The following products could be considered success for Apple; 1. IPod is one of the Apple’s biggest successes, it has completely changed the music industry and we can even say it has done a revolution in the technology innovation. 2. IPhone is the biggest success in my opinion since it is affordable, very popular and useful for everyone compare to other products Apple released. Created January 2007. 3. The Apple II 4. IPod 5. ITunes
Apple Reinvented success by following these 4 principles such " Don't Follow your customer; Lead them " some Said that Apple doesn't Ask People what they needs but give them the products that they want by making market instead Addressing the Market. "Temper engineering with Art", engineering focus on design and making product that they would want to use, which explain why a...

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