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To All Who Have Ears, Look!

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To All Who Have Ears, Look!

To All Who Have Ears, Look!

Many couples want to show their love to the other. By ways by which the other might not understand, love is shown. The challenge to having a successful relationship is being able to interpret one’s love and how they show it. In a short play called I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act Tristan Bernard enlightens the audience on the struggle between couples who have not yet mastered the art of communication. He sets the stage in a couple’s apartment where a discussion regarding going to the races ensues. Bernard masterfully pits the two against each other. Why do these two people who are in love with each other seem to be making the other miserable? This very argument has taken place in my home between my husband and me. The appeal was the familiarity of the situation.
This literary work is a typical farce or “a short play, in which both subtle humor and hilarity are developed through improbable situations, exaggeration and (often) ridiculous antics” (Clugston, 2010). Bernard exaggerates the argument beyond what might be probable in reality. As Jeanne and Henri seem to argue in a circular way, coming back to the same argument after it seems they have moved on to a conclusion, the humor is evident. The tone is one of frustration as felt by the reader. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship understands how frustrating it is to try to get your partner to see your side of the argument. As any two people are different, pride steps in and almost completely disallows the couple to communicate with the risk of losing the argument. In a religious talk by Victor B. Cline, he talks of problems that might arise in a marriage. “Spousal love is a wonderful gift, but we have to learn to give it fully in order to receive it in full measure” (Ensign, 1993).
“Tone is the emotional coloring,...

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