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Change and progression throughout life are inevitable. Many authors attempt to outline the concept of metamorphosis in day to day life; however, few manage to captivate the notion in its entirety. To Autumn, a poem by John Keats, delineates the themes of change and progression through the evolution of the season of autumn. Keats is able to relate the season of autumn, and the remaining seasons to daily life and human experience through vibrant imagery, poetic structure, and linear progression of time, as well as through the use of multiple other poetic devices. Through his intricate attention to detail, as well as his straight-forward and naturalistic presentation of autumn, Keats captures - in a holistic manner - the essence of change and progression. The commencing stanza of To Autumn embodies a stage in autumn of abundance and ripeness. Throughout the entire stanza, the process of ripening progresses, until a point of near spoil in the closing line. Keats employs intense imagery to establish a ripened and seasoned depiction in the reader’s mind. Lines such as “fill all fruit with ripeness to the core” and “To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells”, clearly illustrate the maturation of the fruits of autumn. Furthermore, through the use of commas and semi colons, Keats elongates the stanza, as to provide a feeling of continual development. Moreover, through the repetitive usage of “o” and “u” sounds in words such as “gourd”, “plump”, “budding”, and “flowers”, he supplies the reader with a sense of round and fulfilled substance – portraying the progression of ripening. Finally, as he briefly alludes to summer in the concluding line of the stanza, Keats hints at change in season. Therefore, throughout the first stanza, with the aid of literary devices such as vivid imagery, consonance, and carefully-chosen sentence structure, Keats depicts the themes of change...

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