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To Infinity and Beyond

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To Infinity and Beyond until Across the Universe

Have you ever wondered if there are any extraterrestrial life forms in the universe? An extraterrestrial is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. It is often also referred to as alien. “Alien” is a very familiar word even though many of us have never met or seen them. They are in TV or movies, and especially the Hollywood productions love to make movies about extraterrestrials. For example, ET (1982) is one of the famous SF movies. The alien, ET is very friendly to people, and it has an ability of making object flying. Since they are only a part of blockbuster movies, most of times people are careless about aliens; however, there are many incidents that show they are real. There are three significant signs that prove they are real such as we are able to suspect another life form in an infinite universe, have UFO sighting everywhere in the world, and have experiences of many people’s alien abduction.

First, there must be another life form among the limitless galaxies. Since the universe began in the Big Bang about 15 billion years ago, it has constantly expanded. Therefore, the universe is infinite and Earth is just considered like a grain of sand. The universe is divided into two parts; the observable and the non-observable. There are countless planets and solar systems in the observable universe. Is it true that the Earth is the only planet where life exits in the infinite universe? If there are sunlight and water, life forms could be existed. Therefore, in the universe, there must be similar solar systems to ours and many planets like Earth that they can be eligible for sustaining sunlight and water. It is possible for life to generate spontaneously. Hawking (2005) explains as the life we have on Earth must have spontaneously generated itself. As a result, there should be another life form in the...

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