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To Kill a Mocking Bird - Wisdom of Atticus


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In the recent past there has been a great growing interest by social scientists to better understand the issue of personality psychology and the element of diversity when it comes to responses agents under in the same environment (Baumeister & Bushman2014). The scholars and social scientists these days include personality proxies and traits for cognition during the empirical research analysis. The bone of contention now arises how can one interpret these human estimated relationships? (Blascovich et al 2011)
Personality psychology therefore tries to describe a whole person by considering the individual differences and universal traits .This field examines the different ways in which people from diverse origins are unique therefore to ventilate this topic deeply, personality psychology looks both cognitive functioning and personality traits areas of a human being (Blascovich et al2011). When characterizing what areas one to explore in personality psychology to make observations, it indeed becomes a bit useful to first differentiate the personality traits, measures of personality and personality response function. According to ((Baumeister & Bushman2014) personality is a response function that maps out the real personality traits to measure a person. Other leading scholars adds that personality traits are sometimes relatively preserving patterns of thoughts ,behaviors and feelings that do reflect the general tendency to respond in certain ways under unique circumstances (Chrisler & McCreary2010). In addition to that, the personality traits can sometimes refer to stability of patterns of feelings and thoughts such as responses and actions to scenarios on which people take that includes these feelings .Expectations, perceptions of the future events and preferences that also shape the behavior, thoughts and feelings. Therefore the cognitive activities help to determine measures of personality (Chrisler & McCreary2010). I can therefore conclude that in many events the common sense observations and it becomes critical how one should interpret measures that are used to measure cognition and personality (Hogan et al 1995).
There are several models that have been developed by behavioral scientists to explain personality and the most recent is prototypical model. This model tries to present and relate the personality traits to measure behaviors, feelings and thoughts (Kassin et al2014). It distinguishes mental abilities from the personality traits; however these aspects of personality must be broadly defined. They include abilities and traits and normally go hand in hand preferences that include interests and motives and narratives (Hogan et al 1995). They tell how people are organized in a particular setting and some values that shape their reputation and identity. Here we find that views of other peoples’ perception and how their relationship with one another.
Experimental Analysis
According to (Kassin et al2014). has developed a very brief summary on the issue of recent personality traits representation of human beings. I need to come up with experimental analysis that will cement my research design by illustrating its usefulness that is attached to current study. The social psychologists have a way or one can call it a norm or a tradition of coming up with experimental research on the topics that ranges from perception and cognition to social and personality behavior. My methodology therefore will have a correction with the previous studies and therefore it is within the subject design of examining normative effects of context when it comes to behavior (Chrisler & McCreary2010). However this kind of experimental analysis is most of the time underutilized in the social development research .It entails the observation methods and in most times reflects the limits of one’s ability to participate in the experiment analysis issues. This will be very crucial as it will underpin the cognitive theory and its social leaning theorists on the entire individual differences paradigm (Kassin et al2014). The attachment of researchers finds that when it comes to social perspectives to its attitudes. Therefore my experimental method will entail the operations of independent and dependent variables and should be compatible with my experimental analysis. The convectional experimental method that I will make use is the one which defines the situational variables under the tight control and in addition to that its correction method. This will demonstrate whether what man can do in the environment is under control or not. Here there is need to keep the independent variables constant in order to give no answers in these research. According to () there is need to avoid a situation where the experiment is averse to current study of events.
It is very important to identify the attachment of representation in the empirical analysis which will provide the wider definitions of the psychoanalytic insights of the social behavior of human beings and the underlying experience (Chrisler & McCreary2010). One of the ways to have a great research is by capturing the interaction of human beings that is well defined and observable measures and hence taking it into account content and the environmental context. It is very important therefore I deploy the strategy of mental representations of early social experiences and this can be made accessible to all and sundry. The methods that have been introduced from the social research and the cognitive during research when coming up with a research methodology that is helpful in order to reduce problems of bias response and the experimental effects that normally dog several lab reports and behavioral experimentation (Blascovich et al 2011). Therefore to infer the abilities and traits is a challenging task which now gives rise to fundamental identification problem; here I will explore the personality traits and the achievements tests as a measure of recognition.
The social and personality psychologists have tried to explain this tendencies in the attachment theory and cognitive in research. There is a long literature of some relationship studies, new theoretical perspectives and several methods. My area of interest however tries to establish whether personality traits and cognitive have a positive correction as far as the attachment theory is concerned ( Baumeister& Bushman2014).One key thing that comes is that open communication channels of communication among the human beings. However there is a need to further explore this topic on the limb of identifying new insights (Chrisler & McCreary 2010).Because the challenge in the personality psychology and personally have failed to resolve it is whether this field can be viewed as an independent entity but if isolated again there is a tendency of weakness.

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