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To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Caring Quotes

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What characteristics that are most common in Atticus are? He is calm, protective, also include caring. Theis characteristics will show you how Atticus is a very special person. The characteristics that describe Atticus more are calm, protective, and caring.

My first characteristics of Atticus is he is very calm in situations. Well my First, quote is “That plus Atticus’s peaceful reaction probably prompted him to inquire” (291). He did not do anything when Mr.Ewell spat in his face and insulted him. He respects everyone, no matter how they act or look like. My Second, quote is “Thought about it, but didn’t believe it. Well then, my father’s voice was still the same” (202). He was at the jail in Maycomb there were four men around him and he was very calm. Like the quote says, his voice was calm and not intimidated.

My Next, characteristic of Atticus is being protective he shows it more with his family. A quote that shows this is “Now listen, both of
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One quote of caring is “Some one’s been after my children. Jem hurt. Between here and the school house. I can’t leave my boy. Run out there for me please, and see if he’s still around.” (353). That quote means that he cares about his children and that he love them. He doesn’t want them to get injured. He loves his children, however, he doesn’t want them to die because they're his only children. He wakes up at night to see if they're ok, you never know what can happen. That is a sign of caring for his kids, including there are a few parents that do that.
Well, those are the characteristics that describe Atticus finch the most. I described him as a calm, caring, but therefore a protective person. No one in the world is like him, he was a perfect man. He chose the right path and he followed that path, also he tries to keep his family, as well as his friends cheerful and close. Atticus doesn’t make trouble or he doesn’t want trouble he just wants to be your friend and be

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