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To Kill A Mockingbird Quote Analysis

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Few Have True Courage

Harper Lee only has only written one book as far as we know, but that book is a masterpiece. One of

the most beloved and powerful books of the last century, To Kill A Mockingbird will go down as a

timeless classic. To Kill A Mockingbird is Set in Maycomb county, southern Alabama, in the early

1930's. This was a time of great poverty and of course racism, including segregation. A black man

named Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white girl and put on trial. The attorney asigned to his case

is Atticus Finch, who is by far the wisest, and most gentle man in Maycomb. He clearly does not see

men by their color, (which was such a rareity in those parts) but by their character. Atticus has two

children: …show more content…
Atticus defends Tom, revails evidence that makes Tom's innocence clear, but the jury, who of

course are all white still find Tom guilty. Atticus knew that the chances of victory were borderline

nonexistent, with all the hateful racism in Maycomb, but he still agreed to take the case. Atticus said,

“Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it

through no matter what.” This quote is very powerful, I'm writng about this because I think it displays

a great truth. We should always do what's right, regardless of the obsticales that stand in our way.

Atticus says these words to his son Jem, after an old lady whom Jem had been reading to passes

away. Mrs. Dubose was her name, she was very ill and chose to live her last days without pain killing

drugs. She did not want to die addicted to the drugs, so she chose to stop taking them even though this

would lead to a painful death. Atticus wants his son to see that a man with a gun is not a man of

courage. A true model of courage is someone who does something with a slim chance of …show more content…
I think the passage when Atticus

packed up his things and walked out of the courthouse shows us how he affected others. All of the

black people on the balcony stand up as Atticus begins to walk out, and Reverend Sykes says, “Miss

Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'.” Reverend Sykes and the other black people greatly

appreciated and respected Atticus, for his genuine courage and efforts to save Tom's life. No words are

needed, the people standing up in silence displayed recognition and gratitude for this honest man's

endeavor. Atticus's efforts were not appreciated by Bob Ewell, the father of the young woman who

claimed Tom raped her. Bob was an evil man, his lies eventually lead to Tom's death. Bob, in an effort

to get back at Atticus assualted Jem and Scout. Bob was so upset with Atticus for his honesty and

courage, that he attempted to put his children to death. Bob died the night of the attack, but Atticus's

bravery had repercussions.

Atticus certainly practiced what he preached, the courage he talked about, he considerably displayed.

True courage can be credited to few, when we think of courage how can we not think of Jesus

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