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To What Extent Does Racism Continue to Be an Issue in the Usa Today.

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To what extent does racism continue to be an issue in US politics?
In this essay I will assess whether racism still continues in US politics today. There is one side that believes that racism still continues in US politics and that discrimination against race and ethnicity is a big problem. However there is another side that argues that America is no longer racist and that race and ethnicity is no longer an issue in American politics. Neither of the sides will ever agree on one side.
My first point that racism continues to be an issue in US politics is education. African Americans cannot get the same grades as white Americans without having to work twice as hard due to the racism that is attached to them. An example of this is that total for students in 2006 department of education, 37% of African Americans were suspended and 58% expulsion, with such high levels of African Americans subject to punish it is clear to see that racism does still continue in the US. However many would argue that American education is not racist through many African Americans getting certificates and highly paid jobs as seen with Obama being president. An example of this in action can be viewed in 2000 86.8% of African Americans achieved a high school certificate compared to 1960 where only 39% achieved one, this shows that racism is no longer a problem in US politics and is a thing of the past.
My second point is the issue of racism post 9/11. Stigma is attached to minority groups because of what of what may have happened in past events, meaning that they are punished for the actions of others. An example of this is one year after 9/11 bombings there was a 1600% increase in Muslim hate crime, also an Arab Muslim man arrested and detained for months because a World Trade Center postcard was taped to his deli counter, showing that Muslims are targeted against because of what a small…...

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