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To What Extent Does Workforce Planning Enable Cameco to Achieve Its Corporate Objectives? (15 Marks)

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To what extent does workforce planning enable Cameco to achieve its corporate objectives? (15 marks)

A workforce plan is a plan of action that results from the process of workforce planning and corporate objectives are targets that must be achieved in order to meet the stated aims of the business.
The corporate objective of Cameco is for their business to grow and I do believe that workforce planning has enabled Cameco to achieve its corporate objectives as firstly, a workforce plan will assess the current workforce which means it will look at the numbers of workers needed for Cameco. Cameco’s corporate objective is to grow and therefore they will need a lot of employees to work for them to make more uranium for the business to grow. A workforce plan will assess how many workers Cameco will need to employ and therefore it enables Cameco to achieve its corporate objective. Also, a workforce plan will look at the skills in which workers will need to be employed by Cameco. Cameco require highly skilled workers to as to produce uranium is an extremely difficult task and therefore the potential employees who can do this are very few and a workforce plan will identify the skills which the workers need and then Cameco can search for employees with these skills. This means the workforce plan enables Cameco to achieve its corporate objectives as the business can grow with more employees who are highly skilled and can do the job correctly. A workforce plan will also look at timing of the job. This means that the workforce plan will identify when employees will start the job at Cameco and whether they are short, medium or long-term employees. Workforce planning also enables Cameco to achieve its corporate objectives due to that there is a global labour shortage of mini professionals, particularly engineers and therefore a workforce plan will target the specific small group...

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