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To What Extent Was The American Revolution Inevitable Dbq

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The American Revolution was inevitable. In the French and Indian War, which was also known as the Seven Years War, was actually fought with France against Great Britain. And the Treaty of Paris in 1756 is one of the reasons why the United States became independent from Great Britain. In addition, the colonies were on salutary neglect, which was England momentarily vacating from them to resolve pressing issues. The colonies relinquished in governing themselves and they did not want to allow Britain to govern them again. Thus, they formed a document called the Declaration of Independence to claim themselves to be their own country. Proclamation of Independence Three acts were given to the colonists after the British Parliament passed them: the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, …show more content…
For the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, many colonial members were upset that they could not vote on Parliament members; and for the Townshed Acts, they were fuming for not getting land after paying all the taxes to Britain to pay for the British French and Indian War debt. Although there were different reactions to these acts, there was one motto they all agree on: “No taxation without representation.” Boston Tea Party Five Boston colonists, who claimed themselves to be Patriots, taunted Captain Thomas Preston and his troop. He ignored insults thrown at them and commanded the soldiers to go join the other troops. However, when the Patriots threw snowballs at the captain, his rage ignited. Preston murdered one of the patriots and the rest of soldiers followed suite by murdering four more. This horrific event was the Boston Massacre, and when news of this spreaded all over the

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