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Dear Residents of the community, I would like to inform you of some information that I have found that can be the cause of why so many of us are getting sick. I started out my research with trying to figure out what type of problem is this and what the solution may be. I asked questions like, what is distributed to the whole city? What does the community have access to? What type of sources can create an illness or carry an illness in them? Once I narrowed down my questions I was able to direct my research to power lines, water sources and gas sources. I then began to think about the previous questions I have asked myself and found that it was one of those sources. After finding out the information that I did, I then had to dig a little deeper. I had to think about how the companies will try to hide any information that could have caused any damage. I had to think about what the records would be called and how they would conceal it. I found out that the gas company was the cause for why the community was starting to get sick. Although the gas company as at fault we may not want to stop using their services, but merely let them know that the practices of their company is hurting our community. I think if we get together and ask the right questions we will be able to figure out a solution for this problem. I’m pretty sure that the gas company doesn’t want to cause anyone any harm, so confronting them and letting them aware of the dangers they are causing should not be an issue. We need to take the cautious approach when trying to decide what action to take. We don’t want to cause any more illness but we also want to make sure that we don’t cause any unnecessary dangers with the solution. We need to figure out what medical procedures need to be done and the correct action to take when dealing with the gas. By doing this it can help make sure that this never happens again and if it does it is easily detected and taken care of. Our focus is to stop the problem by finding a solution and taking care of those who have already been sick. We want our community safe again and I’m pretty sure you do to. So lets put our heads together and think of ways to address this problem and fix it.

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