Together We Stand

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Together we stand Outline
Introduction: Many people are becoming ill in the community. What is causing it and how can it be prevented?

I. What is the main cause for this sickness that is attacking the whole community?
A. Is there something more than improper chemical disposal causing this sickness
1. Can the air be the cause of the sickness?
2. Can the soil be a cause for the sickness?
3. Can genetics be a cause for the sickness?
B. What other sources can be use temporarily until a solution is found?
1. Relocation.
2. Change water source.
3. Use air purification system in the home.
II. Strategies applied to help foster critical thinking.
A. Criticize
1. Focus thoughts
2. Applying curiosity
3. Redefine solutions to problems
4. Avoid assumptions
B. Assumptions to be aware of.
1. Everyone is sick
2. The sickness is caused by company improper disposal of chemicals
3. Everyone has the same illness

III. What fallacies were encountered?
A. The cause of sickness is fault of wrong disposal of chemicals.
1. These chemicals cause sickness with the same symptoms the community is experiencing
2. The sickness may be caused by something other than disposal

Conclusion: Although the cause of sickness is most likely from the improper disposal of chemicals, other causes must be investigated in order to find and prevent this illness from all sides of the community.

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