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It is always important to note that any design must be practical and realistic in order to be considered as a “Good Design” and our “Toilet of the future” definitely fulfills the criteria stated. As a whole, it can be adopted by many commercial buildings, hotels, home and etc.
Our first target group is those busy executive and wealthy people. As people become highly educated and earn more income, they are seeking for a more luxurious lifestyle. Hence, people are more than willing to spend on adopting our toilet as our users can get to experience the most ultimate relaxation experience. Furthermore, people are also getting more and more stressful in the work life and so by having a good toilet does matter a lot since a good toilet play an important part in distressing. According to research, a lot of people are spending an average of 30 mins on bathing, let alone other things. Hence by having a one-stop entertainment toilet, people get to enjoy their precious time fruitfully, which is especially so for busy executives.
In additional, we are also targeting hotel industry, which include five-stars hotels and many other mainstream hotels. Five-stars hotels will definitely be very keen in our “Toilet of the future” as these hotels are facing an intense competition from their competitors and so by adopting our toilet, it will help them gain a competitive edge against others. Besides, their customers, who are normally from the upper class, tend to demand a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Hence, with our toilet, we are sure that we can help them satisfy their customers’ burning desire.
Moreover, mainstream hotels can also adopt our toilet. It can be installed in their presidential suites, which cater to the richer customers.
Apart from that, many key components that we have highlighted can also be used separately, thereby enhancing flexibility and customizability.
Firstly, the glass TV panel that we have designed can be used in many other locations. For instance, it can be placed in the living room to save space or even to blend into the housing deco. Besides, our fantastic idea also has a real snob appeal to those designers and architects who place great importance in maintaining their design as close as possible to their initial drawing, compared to placing an LCD TV that might distort their design.
Next, our astounding lightings can also be used in areas like theatre, restaurants, café, and even in schools. Since our lightings can be used to create an amazingly 360o visual atmosphere, restaurants and café can make used of it to create almost any ambience that they want to bring out. Likewise, schools and theatre can also do a lot more with our lightings. Furthermore, the cost of these lightings is relatively low as we make use of the mechanism of the projector and OHP in projecting the image. Coupled with an irresistible price and infinite probabilities, our lightings is definitely going to top the list of the “Most Wanted Items for the Year”.

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