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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

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For the hardcore fans of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series, Blacklist was released by Ubisoft in August 2013 as a sequel for their previous installment; Splinter Cell : Conviction. The game overall has pretty good ratings and the reviews written by most of the gaming websites and the players are generally positive. Blacklist received :

9/10 on Steam
9.2/10 on IGN
8/10 on Gamespot
The game is playable on almost all the consoles. Available for : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory & Splinter Cell : Conviction were my personal favorite stealth games. However, after spending only 2 or 3 hours playing Blacklist; I must admit I was instantly hooked. It is one of those games that you just …show more content…
Watching the cutscenes were almost like watching a action/thriller movie, too. Main campaign starts off with Sam Fisher leaving the Andersen Air Force Base, and a terrorist organization suddenly assaults the base. During the attack, Sam's best friend Victor Coste was severely injured. Soon after, a terrorist group called "The Engineers" takes responsibility, and announces a series of attacks on the United States called "The Blacklist". Although the story sets mainly in the United States, you will get to play missions in places like Benghazi, Guantanamo Bay and Yucatan. (Wicked, right?!)
Also, the game features Co-op missions which interlocks with the main plot of the story but this time Sam teams up with CIA agent Issac Briggs to infiltrate Kashmir. The ending kind of has a plot twist which I would not want to spoil it for you guys. :)

In conclusion, Splinter Cell : Blacklist, in my opinion is one of the best action-adventure stealth games for anyone who loves a good solid storyline along with a bad ass character. The game's design is also praised by most of the reviewers online. I'd recommend it to everyone really who owns a gaming console to at least try out this game. It was one hell of an experience for me! :) Have fun sneaking, and when you experience that adrenaline rushes in you then your combat senses kick in; pull off awesome stealth kills on those terrorist bastards! :D
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