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Tone Mood

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tone = speaker’s attitude

(+, -, or neutral) NEGATIVE TONE WORDS admiring adoring affectionate appreciative approving bemused benevolent blithe calm casual celebratory cheerful comforting comic compassionate complimentary conciliatory confident contented delightful earnest ebullient ecstatic effusive elated empathetic encouraging euphoric excited exhilarated expectant facetious fervent flippant forthright friendly funny gleeful gushy happy

hilarious hopeful humorous interested introspective jovial joyful laudatory light lively mirthful modest nostalgic optimistic passionate placid playful poignant proud reassuring reflective relaxed respectful reverent romantic sanguine scholarly self-assured sentimental serene silly sprightly straightforward sympathetic tender tranquil whimsical wistful worshipful zealous commanding direct impartial indirect meditative objective questioning speculative unambiguous unconcerned understated abhorring acerbic ambiguous ambivalent angry annoyed antagonistic anxious apathetic apprehensive belligerent bewildered biting bitter blunt bossy cold conceited condescending confused contemptuous curt cynical demanding depressed derisive derogatory desolate despairing desperate detached diabolic disappointed disliking disrespectful doubtful embarrassed enraged evasive fatalistic fearful forceful foreboding frantic frightened frustrated furious gloomy grave greedy grim harsh haughty holier-than-thou hopeless hostile impatient incredulous indifferent indignant inflammatory insecure insolent irreverent lethargic melancholy mischievous miserable mocking mournful nervous ominous outraged paranoid pathetic patronizing pedantic pensive pessimistic pretentious psychotic resigned reticent sarcastic sardonic scornful self-deprecating selfish serious severe sinister skeptical sly solemn somber stern stolid stressful strident suspicious tense threatening tragic uncertain uneasy unfriendly unsympathetic upset violent wry

mood = emotional effect that the text creates for the audience

POSITIVE MOOD WORDS NEGATIVE MOOD WORDS amused awed bouncy calm cheerful chipper confident contemplative content determined dignified dreamy ecstatic empowered energetic enlightened enthralled excited exhilarated flirty giddy grateful harmonious hopeful hyper idyllic joyous jubilant liberating light-hearted loving mellow nostalgic optimistic passionate peaceful playful pleased refreshed rejuvenated relaxed relieved satiated satisfied sentimental silly surprised sympathetic thankful thoughtful touched trustful vivacious warm welcoming aggravated annoyed anxious apathetic apprehensive barren brooding cold confining confused cranky crushed cynical depressed desolate disappointed discontented distressed drained dreary embarrassed enraged envious exhausted fatalistic foreboding frustrated futile gloomy grumpy haunting heartbroken hopeless hostile indifferent infuriated insidious intimidated irate irritated jealous lethargic lonely melancholic merciless moody morose nauseated nervous nightmarish numb overwhelmed painful pensive pessimistic predatory rejected restless scared serious sick somber stressed suspenseful tense terrifying threatening uncomfortable vengeful violent worried

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