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Crabb and Secular Counseling: A Comparison/Contrast Paper
Gerald Williamson
Liberty University

Crabb and Secular Counseling: A Comparison/Contrast Paper Dr. Larry Crabb is an award winning biblical counselor who happens to author a book entitled Effective Biblical Counseling. In this book, Dr. Crabb presents important points and guidelines that other counselors like him can do in order to provide advice and aide to persons who need them the most. The books contains model of counseling, which is also integrated to the church. Placing the importance of God in his model, Dr. Crabb is a firm believer that God has granted the church to be its instrument in providing support to people who are experiencing pain and tribulations. In this paper, we particularly compare and contrast Dr. Crabb’s ideas with that of scientific studies assigned for the class. More specifically, we point intersecting points there are in the areas of Christian Counseling and developing a counseling program that could be aligned with the church and religious experience. This paper also includes discussion on the similarities and differences there are on the basic concepts and strategies of Dr. Crabb and other authors from the secular counseling community. In conclusion, we note how Dr. Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling contains important points that are similar to the scientific studies relative to the importance of religious elements in mental health therapy as well as training counselors in order to provide effective counseling. However, Dr. Crabb’s views still differ from the secular counseling’s approach and strategic implementation. In order to present an organized context, we divide the paper in two four. Part 1 will discuss the goal of Christian counseling, while part 2 and 3 highlights the concepts and strategies of Dr. Crabb and other authors. Part 4 will discuss how these authors...

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