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Too Dead to Die

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Too Dead To Die (ODE)
Cold I wanna lie,
But I’m too dead to die!
Thought would get over it,
After a li’l cry;
No, you can’t be healed,
This is how I feel.

“Why am I crying?”
I ask myself,
“You’re just fucked up of trying”,
Replies the devil in me;
Though, I try to hide my tears,
You’ll laugh, this is what this little girl fears!

Sitting by my French window
I watch people play,
I want to be them
But why do I go astray?
And now, my life is just
A dirty shade of grey!

Nobody knows the real me,
Nobody feels the helpless me,
Yes I’ve committed a mistake,
But don’t I deserve a retake?
I beg the lost me,
Like a bird, that’s free!

Today is my day six
Trying to paint my feelings,
I’m kinda too tired
That sleep can’t fix;
Wanna say Goodbye to,
But I just can’t get through.

“What’re ya upto?”
“Finding the lost me”,
I reply
“in a familiar crowd!’
You say I’m a freak,
Yeah, because I just can’t breathe.

You say that I’m changed,
But did you realize
That you forced the situations
To change “US”?
I’ve got in my hand a blade
‘Coz you only realize when it’s too late!

Deep inside my head
I’m already dead,
Cold I wanna lie
That’s what I always try;
You say that I’m a bitch,
But how did you forget
That you were the one to stitch.

High I wanna fly,
But there you go
Leaving me to die;
I’ve loved and I’ve lost,
You don’t care, you never cry!
Time to be happy again
After this hard try.

I’m in search of a life that’s new,
And where there’s no existence of you;
I don’t wanna get it any bigger,
So I just pulled the trigger
Slowly giving up, re-building my life’s pillar
‘Coz darling, I’m too dead to die.

(Dated- 7th April,…...

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