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Migration to Australia & Canada
-Supriyo Kumar Chacrabarty, CEO, SA Associates.

At present, out of five countries of most happy, affluent & economically solvent country around the world, Australia & Canada are main two. Because, comparing to the area of the country, the most feature of these two countries are less population, state guarantee of providing highest citizen facility, high salary, ensured of leading luxurious life, facility of letting the children's of international quality of high education. Sometimes these countries are told the country of ''Migration''. And yes, really this is. For, considering High Skilled Professionals of around the world are brought here by giving them Citizenship under the migration program run by government. For this, no longer time of a country is taken to touch the highest of development for out of total number of population 94% are highly educated, conscious citizen and hard worker. Political stableness is also a main cause of this improvement. However, many weight-less advertisements are visible about the migration of Australia & Canada, and heard of many saying that these all least do not see the light of goal. The main cause behind this belief is Negative Result that made after 2-3 years long waiting & investing a huge number of money. This may, of course, take a longer time, but if the causes of being negative result are discussed, then answers will be got of some imperceptible information about Australia & Canada migration. At present, it takes 1 year to have PR Card (Permanent Residence Status) in Australia, and to have TR Card it takes maximum 10 months. On the other hand, to have PR under Business Investor Category in Canada is needed 4-6 months only, and in case of Skilled Migration Category, time takes about 06- months to 12 months considering the File Processing percentage. Recently, this term is affixed as per...

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