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• Both the leading players in ice cream in terms of value sales in 2010 – Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation and Hindustan Unilever – have well-developed ice cream fast food chains in the consumer foodservice environment in India. Operating under the brands Amul and Swirl’s, the company’s fast food chains helped to propagate their respective brand names, as consumers associated the brand image with the comfortable seating and high-quality service witnessed at these outlets over the review period. Conversely, retail sales of Gujarat Co-operatives brand Amul and Hindustan Unilever’s brands, such as Wall’s and Cornetto, received publicity via in-store promotions. Leveraging on their presence in consumer foodservice, other ice cream fast food brands, such as Baskin-Robbins and Natural, also operate through a range of retail ice cream products in India.
• Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation led ice cream in value terms in India in 2010, accounting for a 36% share of retail sales. It has an extremely diverse range of ice cream products, which span economy to premium offerings. The company’s expansive outlet and cold chain network for all its dairy products greatly helped the operations of its ice cream business. Other players, such as Hindustan Unilever and Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable also had appreciable brand equity, as the top three players were responsible for a combined 67% share of value sales of ice cream in 2010.
• Impulse ice cream is expected to continue to be the dominant type of ice cream over the forecast period. Even though manufacturers are looking to inculcate the habit of consuming ice cream as a dessert in Indian households, impulse products such as sticks, cones and cups have much higher penetration through refrigerated pushcarts and bicycles in the country. The...

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