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Topic 2 Study Guide

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Topic 2 Study Guide
This study guide is a tool designed to prepare students for the Topic 2 Quiz. Instructors will grade the study guide for completion, not for accuracy.
Download the study guide and type in your answers below the questions. Save the study guide to your computer and submit when complete. There is no need to submit the study guide to Turnitin. After submitting the study guide to the instructor, save it for use when taking the Topic 2 Quiz.
The quiz will be graded for accuracy, so take time to seek the correct answers for this study guide before you attempt the quiz. Once you start the quiz, do not exit the quiz until the entire quiz is completed. Exiting out of the quiz before it is complete may result in a zero grade.
Please type your answers below each question.
1. List the three Christian views of creation as given in the lecture, and a brief description of each.
The father the son and the holy spirit
2. The concept that humanity is created in the image of God may refer to a number of things. List four: two covered in the textbook and two covered in the lecture. body, spirit, wisdom, and dominion.

3. What are the similarities between the scenes in Revelation 21:1-4 and the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2?
God made Adam the head of his garden.
4. According to the lecture, what is meant when we say God is sovereign?
Sovereign means that he has power over all and he is the head.
5. List at least five characteristics of God emphasized in Psalm 145.

6. List three reasons for seeing humanity as the pinnacle of God’s creation.

7. How does the textbook describe the Garden of Eden?

8. How would you describe the nature of work God gave to Adam in the Garden of Eden?

9. Summarize Proverbs 9:10.

10. Summarize God’s statements in Genesis 2:16-18.

11. What does the textbook say about the involvement of the Trinity in creation?…...

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