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Topic Proposal for Seminar I. Seminar Information A. Discipline/General Topic : Internet Security B. Seminar Title: Internet Security, safety of your privacy and life C. Seminar Description: This topic is about the security of different accounts, software, and information in the World Wide Web. To explain the potential threats of hackers, virus, and malwares and how can we prevent it.

To Understand: 1. To know the latest threats of hackers on people’s lives 2. Harmful effects of Malware, Virus and etc. to your device 3. The precautions of using the internet D. Length of time (1.5-2 hours)

II. Seminar Rationale A. Why is it important to learn and understand the importance of internet security?
There are hundreds thousands hacker attacks in the Philippines alone, and unsecured networks can leave you exposed to any types of virus. So it is important to learn and understand internet security so we can be sure next time we click that browser we’ll be safe.
We can also learn very important things about different types of security such as firewalls and anti-virus software against any threat. Not only that, it can also help other IT programmers to make their own anti-virus. * Different ways on applying internet security
It can be also applied on mobile or tablet operating systems since it has access on the net to let users know it can be attacked even using these types of device. It will let them know that they can still be protected using firewall and anti-virus software on their mobile devices. * To know the dangers of the internet
The internet has a lot of harmful virus that can destroy your hardware, not just by downloading but also by connecting through a network. It is a good idea to let them know what kind of threats are out there B. How does it help the IT industry development

Since there are a lot of hackers and virus out there, the IT industry can help by making anti-virus programs and firewalls for companies and users out there. So we can make sure those bank accounts, social network information, and company privacies are secured

C. Why should business go for network security

Benefits of network security on business

* Company security * Anti-virus businesses * Online transaction security * Social Networking Site businesses security
Technical benefits of network security * Firewall against hackers * Blocking viruses * Clean software * Safety of the user
Things to consider
There are things to consider on having a secured network * Firewall – a firewall is simply blocks any suspicious or intruding objects to the device of the user * Secured Routers – an open network can be dangerous it is prone to some harmful malware so it is a good idea to have it secured * Anti-virus – viruses has been a long time enemy of users that is why every device is installed with anti-virus. Not only it can block viruses but it can also terminate * Speed – any type of anti-virus should be fast in order block any harmful objects III. Learning Objectives
Knowledge and understanding * To know the different threat in the internet * Precautions on using the internet * Account security * Internet security * Avoiding or blocking harmful objects

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