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Schizophrenia: Is Recovery a Viable Option?
Schizophrenia is a mental illness of chronic nature that affects people of all walks of life. It is estimated that about 1% of Americans suffer from this disease. Though it ranks high in the consciousness of the public very little is known about the illness. The concept of Schizophrenia has caused much mass confusion due to the influence of pharmaceutical companies, media, government, and mental health professionals who have shaped the perception of the public in a negative way. Schizophrenia is not an imposed death sentence in which patients are shackled and placed behind bars for the protection of society, it is a treatable disorder that can be controlled and kept at bay. The motive of this paper is to explain the phenomenon of Schizophrenia and to tackle the two main views associated with the potential satisfactory recovery of the illness.
Mental illnesses have existed for many years. Long ago, the people who suffered from mental illnesses, deformities, and mental retardation were all classified into one group; abnormal. Early theories speculated that these people had acquired these “abnormalities” due to their bodies being possessed by evil spirits. These evil spirits would ultimately be exorcised by various methods ranging from submitting the patient to various types of music to dangerously drilling a hole in their skull to free them from evil possession. The act of attributing any form of psychopathology to the spiritual world might seem too far-fetched for the average person, but can disgruntled deities and supernatural forces play a pivotal role in the manifestation of mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia? We hold true the fact that no sin shall go unpunished before the presence of God. However is there not a limit to his mercy? In 1911, the…...