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Annually, August is the time millions of contestants everywhere in our country anxiously waiting for the results of their enter-unniversity examination. However, estimatedly just about one-fifth of those get the key and be able to take a step into the unniversity.
The others stand to watch the door close uneasily like a cat on hot bricks: How to face with my parents and the people who always have great espectations of me? Should i make it over again? Is unniversity the only way to get through?!
In our longtime culture, the Vietnamese people are possessed of traditional fondness for learning. Anyone from a kid is always taught “Learn, learn, and once again learn”by both parents and teachers. Verily! People with high education are unfailingly appreciated and have more advantages to their occupation, likely to have less difficulty to achive their success and have an easier life in both materials and spirits. Therefore, a dream to enter unniversity is a always a lofty and beautiful, proper and respectable dream of those young people who want to better theirselves with their own talents. So, we’ll look and see whether unniversity the best way to succeed!

Making a decision not to go to college can make people become successful. Firstly, This is because real environment gives them new experiences , new experiences are very beneficial since nowadaysthey are plus for job application.…...

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