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How might you apply each of the four steps in the system of textbook reading described in Ch. 7 of Your College Experience to reading electronic materials?
Part of reviewing is developing your vocabulary. Chapter 7 of Your College Experience lists strategies to help you develop vocabulary skills. Which of these strategies would be most effective for you? How would you apply these vocabulary strategies when reading course materials?

I would apply the suggestions of strategy's from the Chapter 7 of Your College Experience in which includes previewing, marking, reading with concentration and reviewing. First comes the previewing process, where I apply by writing a side note on how many pages within the chapter. As overtime it will help me my remember, whats mostly important that’s toward my goal of checking off specific amounts of pages. Second is the marking process, in which marking is the next step after doing the preview step. Where you have noted the chapter, then you're set to start the chapter; in my case marking would help me to read through more quickly and with greater logic based of the reading. As for marking, I would do this step as I'm reading of a section and pick out which are best useful information that are the most important. Next step is to read with concentration, its to find a spot for studying that will mainly reduce distraction. In addition I would avoid any use of gadgets and other distractions that wouldn't let me focus. For my goals during a reading session is to take short breaks and process the material more efficiently. Then finally the reviewing process, when reviewing the material taking a glance at any notes I've took, also markings or outlines. Also reading over the information out loud while reviewing helps when finding out if having valid information. Strategies that would suit better to be effective for me would be writing down…...