Discussion #1: Is the credibility of an author affected by the accuracy and completeness of the reference list for a given article?
"Reference list at the end of a journal article provides the information necessary to identify and retrieve each source" (APA, 2010). And this information needs to be accurate, complete and consistent to provide a clear picture to the reader referring you work, so that he/she can refer the list without confusion. If the author fails to do so then his/her credibility will affect badly. "Another most common use of reference citations is to give credit to the original author of work you use" ("Political science department," 2006). This will help the writer to keep his/her work fair and avoid plagiarism.

Discussion #2: What process have you employed or expect to employ to ensure your reference list is accurate and complete?
I have been using the college library database to use only peer reviewed journals and articles to support my work. After retrieving the required journals I am filtering them to make sure that the work I am referring to is helpful to support my topic or not. Then to provide correct information in the reference list I am referring to APA, 2010 book for generating accurate and complete information in the reference list.
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