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|Topics in cultural studies |
|Comparing Early Greece and Rome |
|[Differences Between Early Greece and Rome] |
| |
|Mandy Shoplak |
|[3/26/13] |

|[You will see that there are many differences between early Greece and Rome but there are also some similarities as well, with their geography, government, societies, economy, trading, architecture, and |
|philosophies. |

|Elements of Culture |Greek Culture |Similarities/Differences |Roman Culture |
|Geography |Greece was divided into three regions the |The differences are that Greece was not considered great|Low land, steep hills, several lakes, and |
| |coast, the lowlands, and the mountains. |farming land due to the mountainous terrain and Rome |marshes. |
| |Most of Greece was mountainous terrain. |was a good farming land. | |
|Government |They were considered to be the ones to |Greece was mainly ruled by the people and Rome was ruled|They were considered to be a Monarchy, ruled by |
| |invent democracy. |by kings “whatever they said goes no questions were |kings. |
| | |asked.” | |
|Society (Social Classes) |They were ruled by kings at first then the |Aristocrats were higher than kings in Greece and kings |Kings, farmers, peasants, and slaves |
| |aristocrats replaced them. Then there were |were the highest in Rome. | |
| |farmers, peasants, and slaves. | | |
|Economies |Given that the main land was so mountainous|Greeks were self-sufficient and Romans were dependent on|They were considered to be an agrarian and slave |
| |and rocky the relied on sea going trade |slave labor |based economy. |
| |heavily. | | |
|Trade |Greece specialized in cash crops so that | |They traded grains olives “olive oil” and grapes |
| |they could trade for grains. | |“wine” to other places. Imports were silks from |
| | | |China, cotton and spices from India, Ivory and |
| | | |wild animals from Africa, metals from Spain and |
| | | |Britain, and gems from Germany. |
|Art |They liked to focus on perfection and use | |Statues made of marble and bronze, and portrait |
| |marble for the structures | |paintings. |
|Architecture |In Greece there were three orders. They |Greece made the outside columns look different to show |They developed caementum “cement” and concretus |
| |were Doric “Parthenon”, Ionic “Erechtheum, |the differences in how important the buildings are and |“concrete” for building strong structures. They |
| |The Temple of Apollo at Didyma, and The |beauty, and Rome focused on stability and beauty on the |created the first set of apartment buildings. |
| |Temple of Athena Nike ”, and Corinthian |inside. |They also started the colored floors made up of |
| |“The Temple of Apollo at Bassae and The | |many small marble pieces that is called mosaic. |
| |Temple of Zeus at Athens. | | |
|Religion |They believed in pleasing the gods to live |All their gods are the same just with different names; |They were classified as Polytheistic. They all |
| |a life free of oppression and hardship |the only big difference is with Ares and Mars. Ares is |worshiped all the main gods but some villages |
| | |more feared and the god of war and death and Mars is |also worshiped their own village gods as well. |
| | |more revered and the god of war and life. The other gods| |
| | |were: Aphrodite and Venus- goddess of love | |
| | |Apollo- sun god Artemis and | |
| | |Diana- goddess of hunt Athena and Minerva- goddess of | |
| | |wisdom Demeter | |
| | |and Ceres- goddess of life Dionysus and Liber- god of | |
| | |libations Hades and Pluto- god of the underworld | |
| | |Hephaestus and Vulcan- god of the fire | |
| | |Hera and Juno- queen of the gods Hermes and Mercury- | |
| | |gods of flight Hestia and Vesta- goddess of the hearth | |
| | |Poseidon and Neptune- god of the sea | |
| | |Zeus and Jupiter- king of the gods & god of the sky and | |
| | |thunder | |
|Philosophies |Men were rulers |In Greece women didn’t have any type of role except |Men were controllers and women were seen as |
| | |maintaining a clean house and in Rome they were |goddesses. |
| | |considered important. | |


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