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• It is the process of individual & organizational development the purpose of which is to increase the level of satisfaction of all the stakeholders

Why TQM?
Because it is for benefit of all stakeholders



AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN APPROACHES TO TQM • In USA & Europe Senior mngmnt. has a morbid fascination with share prices. • They feel pressure to meet short term six monthly targets of interim and annual reports, which are widely publicized and scrutinized. • Every time a report or statement is made, they must show healthy results. • Share prices concern hangs like a sword over heads • The tendency is to look for instant results and quick fixes. If results are not readily apparent then move to next solution (Fad).

• The Japanese, however, know that success is rarely an overnight phenomenon • TQM implementation requires a total change in the thinking and a major change in culture • Takes years to internalize. • With some organizations, because results, are not instant, TQM has lost favor • Even where some positive results become apparent in short time, they don't seem to be major

1. Review the organizations adoption of TQM to date 2. Customize the framework to suit to individual organization 3. Present & debate the customized framework 4. Assess which features of framework are already in place

USE OF THE FRAMEWORK (Cont.) 5. Prioritize the features which are not already in place 6. Communicate the details of framework and plans derived from it through out the organization 7. Identify potential problems in putting the plan developed at stage 6



• The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (USA, since 1987) • The Deming Prize (Japan, since 1951) •

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