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Total Quality Management in Hr

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London School of Commerce
Chaucer House, White Hart Yard, London SE1 1NX, Tel: 020 7357 0077,

MODULE TITLE: Managing Human Capital
SEMESTER: Semester Two
ACADEMIC YEAR PERIOD: June 2012 – August 2012
STUDENT: Mauro Persic
London, August 2012


Executive Summary
This report aims point out advantages and disadvantages of talent management strategy in compared with more traditional human resource management which is often seen as an administrative department dealing with forms and applications. In particular, we will focus on the framework for the talent management which constitutes of five elements: attraction, selection, engaging, retention and development of employees. This strategy can be useful not only for recruitment and management of higher ranked employees but also for complete workforce. After all employees are the key element and most valuable asset of an organisation and investment and development of employees can only give rise to company’s reputation, competitiveness and many other benefits. Moreover, situation on the labour market is highly competitive, therefore asks for serious well-developed approach.
In conclusion, old human resource management approach has not been suitable for the present economy, therefore we strongly recommend you to consider introducing more sophisticated strategy to tackle with present and future challenges that might and will arise on human resource frontier.
Now 15 years after ‘war for talents’ was coined by McKinsey’s researchers battle for talent was never fiercer. Ever-demanding costumers, emerging economies and continuous shortage of skilled employees brought up talent management as only solution and...

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