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Tourism essay Uluru is a large red rock monolith in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in arid Central Australia to the southwest of Alice Springs. For over 50,000 years the area has been inhabited by the Aboriginal people until the mid-20th century, with a few visitors from time to time. (Digance 150).It was named the Ayers rock in 1873 by a European surveyor, William Gosse.later In 1985, the Federal Parliament of Australia recognized Anangu ownership of the national park in which it is situated. It is then that the name was changed to Uluru. The Federal Government acquired ownership of the park under a lease for 99 years with an agreement that it should be jointly managed by the Anangu community and the Federal Government’s national park management agency known as Parks Australia (Hueneke and Baker 478). In 1987 the National Park was given World Heritage status for its natural values. In 1994 it received World Heritage listing for its cultural values. This makes it a major tourist destination in the world hence having a positive impact on the number of visitors to the park.
Tourism impacts on society variedly and can cause social dynamism among the host community, however the degree of impact depend on the degree of difference between the guest and the host community in terms of racial ,cultural identity and social outlook.( Pearce 217)
Tourism is perceived to have a multiplier effect which (Pearce 308) is 'the way in which expenditure on tourism filters throughout the economy, stimulating other sectors as it does so' other economic sectors benefit and grow this may be seen as a symbiotic relationship. In the 1950s some infrastructure was developed to assist tourism. Facilities provided included an airstrip to facilitate transport and motel accommodation. Tourism has a positive impact on any economy; the Anangu community who

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