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Tourism Questionnaire

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The purpose of this chapter is to provide the representation of data gathered from the survey questionnaire conducted for this study. The survey questionnaire is found to be a closed questionnaire for which random tourists acted as participants and responded to the questionnaires. The data gathered from this questionnaire is then processed on MS Excel to generate bar charts for the responses.
5.2. Representation of Results

Figure 2
The above figure 2 is providing the bar chart for the demographic variable named as gender from the questionnaire. It is evident from the figure above that proportion of males and females as participants of this survey questionnaire is same, that is, the number of men and women based on gender is equal and it
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It is evident from the above figure that the majority of participants consider availability of different activities and landscape and scenery as the most important reasons to make decision for visiting the UK as tourists. It can be said that the participants are more interested to avail entertaining and thrilling activities for which they consider the UK as their favourite tourist destination. Figure 9
The above figure 9 is providing the results for the responses gathered for the question related to the providence of competitive rating of participants’ perceptions as consumers of the UK as a tourist destination against other competitive destinations. It is evident from the figure above that the majority participants consider special events, entertainment facilities, accessibility factors, knowledge and information about destination, and easy access to tourism destinations as the most competitive elements of the UK as compared to its competitive
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What's more the study has given confirmation which takes into account the gathering of a composite element model. The model itself is demonstrated as an intelligent stream procedure fusing the variables of predecessors, procedure initiators, and channels all prompting a definite decision making process. It is believed that this is the procedure in which destination selections are settled on as choice circumstances will frequently occur in particularly with respect to family decision making. The inferred model contains adequate convincing subtle element to shape part of further study for which this study can go about as the fundamental exploratory examination. A future consideration may be that of examining more prominent point of interests to distinguish the complexities of timing choices and levels of power. It is felt that the consequences of this study will give scholars as well as students with an entire new worldview of data. It is trusted that new thinking and incitement will occur because of this investigation, keeping in mind the end goal to induce further methods for researching the inspirations, inclinations and choices of

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