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Toys and Socialization
As I walk down the toy aisles in toys R Us, I notice that there is a large sign above the aisles saying boys. This aisle contains ninja turtles, WWE wrestlers, sports cars, dump trucks, motorcycles, and toy weapons of all sorts. The colors of blue, green, red, and yellow cover the aisles all darker shades of the color. All of the boy’s toys are very masculine. The next aisle I walk through is the girls section, this aisle is covered with dolls, princesses, cute animals, dresses, wands, small sized cleaning equipment and drawing boards. All of these toys are light blue, bright pinks all of these very feminine.
The children in America learn stereotypes in gender roles through gender socialization. This is a sequence of adapting to the culture roles according to your sex, this starts at birth and will continue throughout life. Toys are very gender specific, because they teach and reinforce stereotypical gender roles for children. When we are first born children make an image of themselves as a boy or girl. We do this so we can fit in with society so we can interact with parents and teachers. Children pay close attention to the gender appropriateness of toys only after they get a firm grasp on the concept of gender constancy. Gender constancy alludes to a child's understanding that gender remains the same for the rest of his or her life. Children become aware of the fact that they will always be male or female even if they change their appearance such as haircuts or clothing.
The culture norms and values that are being encouraged by toys are masculinity and femininity. These terms are often used to identify a set of characteristics, meanings, and values associated with the gender. One of the most power tools to teach a child gender-stereotyped behavior is a toy. Toys R Us has different sections...

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