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Why should companies adopt TQM?

Total Quality Management explodes on the international since 1980. It is a management strategy which focuses on enhancing quality of not only the product, but also the customer satisfaction and all the processes in the organization, such as marketing, financing, manufacturing, training and so on. Its basic concept is that the entire company continuously aims to improve the quality as well as to reach the perfect quality associated with performance success and economic condition. TQM stresses the creative involvement of each person from CEO down, in the quest for quality. How can company succeed in ameliorating organizational performance? The process of TQM is the answer.

Review of the Literature
The notion of TQM was briefly introduced by Faigenbaum, he defines TQM as β€œan effective system for integrating the quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in an organization so as to enable production and service at the most economical levels which allow for full customers and satisfaction.”
In addition W.E Deming states that quality should start by the top management, and J.M. Juran pointed out that motivation and involvement are associated with quality improvement. Following these three researchers, other authors have developed the conception of TQM.

TQM does help improve the development of the company but it is important to consider the way in which the technique is implemented. With this means a supportive environment of: * Supportive infrastructure * Appropiate leadership * Quality culture
According to Professor Barrie Dale of Manchester Business School the quality system must cover all areas and consider different factors that can affect the process. Such as the: 1. Design 2. Planning 3....

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