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Quality Process – Wipro
Neelandra Nath Goswami

Reinvention and Wipro go hand-in-hand as far as technology and process advancement is concerned. Wipro is a global IT services company that provides Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Technology Services, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure Management, Testing, Product Engineering, Engineering Design and Product Support. Its services are spread across a range of strategic domains.
It is the first CMMi Level 5 certified software services company and the first outside USA to receive the IEEE Software Process Award. However, when Wipro was formed as a vegetable oil refining company in 1947 the dramatic change in the company’s industry dynamics could only have been predicted considering the fact that it was always reinventing itself.
Now, after three decades in the IT industry, backed with unmatched technical expertise and insights, it has maintained the highest levels of compliance and quality that go with the changing times and technologies. Our knowledge investments are backed by years of R&D and have led to the creation of labs and ‘Centers of Excellence’ that have produced innovative solutions.
Wipro’s Quality Policy & Quality Management System
As the world’s first SEI CMM Level 5 company, Wipro endeavors to deliver reliability and perfection to customers by maintaining high standards in service offerings and products, as well as internal processes and people management. It believes that business success and market leadership comes through innovation and a culture of excellence driven by our total quality management system and its business excellence model, the Wipro Way.
The Quality Management System (QMS), called Veloci-Q, is a consolidation of experiences and best practices that are also aligned to…...