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Traditional and Non Traditional Business Law

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Traditional and Non-traditional Litigation

Traditional and Non Traditional Litigation

The litigation process is the bringing, maintaining, and defense of a lawsuit that normally takes place in a courtroom to determine the outcome of the case on either party. Businesses and organizations encounter many risks when dealing with the traditional litigation system. The litigation process encounters various risks that include expensive costs, confidentiality issues, bankruptcy, and that it is time consuming. Legal representation although not required with litigation is expensive. Businesses that use the traditional litigation system face the risk of damaging the customer’s relationship with the corporation if the level of confidentiality is reduced with the increase in the number of litigation cases reported with relation to its functioning. This could eventually affect the output realized by the corporation and the sales volumes and may reduce with time. Businesses are exposed to the danger of being closed down if the litigations against it declare it bankrupt. The litigation process is time- consuming and the process of handling traditional litigation with relation to businesses normally forms a crucial scenario as affects their entire performance either positively or negatively. While undertaking on the traditional litigation, the business spends much of its time in handling the relevant case in legal institutions. Time is a key factor that ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the functioning of any given...

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...Traditional and Non-traditional Litigation In this paper I will compare and contrast traditional litigation systems to non-traditional forms of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Traditional litigation is where both parties use the court system to try to resolve their dispute, while ADR is the process of resolving a dispute outside of the court system. In this paper I will look at the pros and cons of using each type of litigation process. I will also look at the risk that business and other organizations encounter when dealing with traditional litigation and where ADR might be a more appropriate measure in order for business mangers to reduce those risks. Traditional Litigation Traditional litigation is handled through the court system. Each party has an attorney who is an advocate and argues their side’s position. All negotiation occurs through those attorneys and most cases end in an agreement. With this kind of litigation, if an agreement is not reached at the end of the negotiation, then the parties can turn to a judge who can make a final decision after a court proceeding or hearing. During this hearing, the parties attorney’s will present evidence and make and argument to the judge. ("Karen Julian Law", 2008)....

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...Traditional and non-traditional litigation Glenda Jones Law 531 December 13, 2012 Dr. Yolanda Nimmer-Williams Traditional and non-traditional litigation Week, one objective is to compare and contrast traditional and non-traditional litigation. The legal resolution in the United States are divided into two types know as judicial dispute resolutions and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When individuals or institutions have disputes, it is good to develop innovative tactics to resolve these issues in alternative ways. In this paper the comparison and contrast of traditional and non-traditional ligation outlines the differences between the two and the risk involved. Additionally, defining the characteristics of these two types of resolution to determine which litigation process offers a better solution of disputes between parties is disclosed. “Litigation is the process of bringing, maintaining, and defending a lawsuit (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 35)”. Traditional litigation requires an abundance of time and funds for each party. In addition there are many risk involved in the resolution of disputes and the process to which it takes to achieve harmonious results for the parties. Litigation Litigation also known as judicial dispute resolution is the process of how used to settle lawsuits in a court of law (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 35). One of the risk involved in the litigation process usually require a large amount of financial and time for the parties....

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...Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Paper MGT/521 Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation Paper An organization has to have a law department in charge of the resolution and the management of legal resources and services at all levels of the organization. They should work for the legal benefit of the company and their employees looking for the best and better ways to resolve their internal and also external conflicts. “The bringing, maintaining, and defense of a lawsuit are generally referred to as the litigation process or litigation (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 35)”. Traditional are suit, answer, discovery, trial, and jury. Business organizations have at their disposal traditional and non-traditional forms of dispute resolution to remedy causes of action in settling litigation processes. A variety of traditional and non-traditional litigations forms exists according to the context of the case involves a plaintiff, a defendant, a judge, and sometimes a jury. Litigation is a conflict of interest or rights between two or more parts, which elucidate in judicial proceedings where there is a claim for damages or managerial irregularities and the opposition. Its use is more extensive in legal disputes of a civil, commercial or administrative nature and not so much in criminal trials....

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