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Traditional and Nontraditional Culture Paper

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Traditional and Nontraditional Culture Paper
PSY 450
Michele Wagner
April 14, 2014

Traditional and nontraditional culture paper
America versus Indian culture
Around the world, there are numerous cultures that are traditional and nontraditional. Traditional cultures are rules, beliefs, values of rural and non-industrialized group in which their practice is very strict and are non-willing for any social change or innovation (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Nontraditional cultures are grounded on more modern views and are willing for any modification mostly base on technology, science and media (Shiraev & Levy, 2010. Comparing and contrasting American and Indian cultures would facilitate to identify the traditional and nontraditional values, belief and behaviors among these two cultures

Similar Values in Indian and American Cultures Despite being on opposite sides of the world, some values are shared between Indian and American culture. One similar value is the importance placed on religion or faith. While religion is more prominent in Indian culture, it is also present in American culture as it’s seen in the constant battles for keeping the name “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, in the phrase “In God We Trust,” on American currency, and open discussion of faith. On the other hand, in India pictures and statues of deities are commonly seen, worship takes place openly, and religious expression in fashion and accessories is more prevalent. Another shared value between the two cultures is the value of food. Both Indians and Americans are passionate about their cuisine. There are differences between these exact values, with most Indian food being vegetarian, while many American dishes are meat based. However, both countries use food as a topic of conversation, a reason to gather, and treat food as something to be savored and enjoyed, with their country’s...

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