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In 2011, there were 19,454 reported cases of vaccine preventable diseases in the United States alone (Rouch 2011). Most of these cases could have been prevented simply by getting a vaccination for certain diseases. There has been much discussion in recent years over whether or not parents should have their children vaccinated. Parents hear a great deal of information in the medi about the effectiveness and side effects of vaccinations. After hearing all sorts of negative things about vaccinations, it is easy to see why parents would be reluctant to have their children injected with all sorts of chemicals. In the end, the reason that children are not required to be vaccinated is that it is illegal to force someone to be vaccinated, but is it right to send unvaccinated children to school with other children? The fact of the matter, is that immunizations do their job and all children who attend public schools should be vaccinated and protected from preventable diseases. Some people assume that because certain diseases like Polio have been eradicated from the United States it is now unnecessary to be required to receive the vaccination. This assumption could not be any farther from the truth. Polio is still a huge problem in other regions across the globe (WHO 2007). If it were re-introduced into disease free places, the results could be devastating for those unprotected from such viruses. In 2008, an unvaccinated 7 year old contracted measles while he and his family were traveling in Europe. After he returned home to the United States, he exposed 839 people to the disease and 11 children who were also not vaccinated, contracted the disease as well. Of these 11 children, 3 of them were babies who were too young to have been vaccinated. The negligence of this family caused the hospitalization of one of these babies who didn’t even have the chance to be protected against...

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