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Traditional Culture and New Technology

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It is a fact of life (there is no denying (the fact)) that the decline in traditional culture always accompany the development of science and technology in (over) the whole course of human history (in the course of human events). As far as I am concerned, the disappearance is inevitable but is not necessarily a nightmare because sometimes we have to abolish (shake off) the bad practice. Furthermore, it is beyond dispute that the new technologies confer countless benefits on human being (human, humankind, man, people, humanity) and lends the very impetus for society to move forward.

In the first place, science and technology have been unraveling many mysteries which used to be interpreted as the curses lifted by god or some supernatural in the past. For instance, the thunder and lightning, believed to arise from the fury of God (divine), turn out to be plain natural phenomena. Despite a large number of detrimental superstitions still prevailed in some primitive tribes or remote (uncultured) region (area), it is desirable that they have almost vanished (waned, wear away, elapsed) within the modern community (which live up to our expectation).

Secondly, scientific and technological inventions have made a huge (enormous, tremendous) leap forward in all aspects of our life (everyday lives, daily life). In particular, the computer as one of the most revolutionary innovation can serve to illustrate this point as it accelerate the processing and storing of information, thus tremendously boosting (raise, increase, put up) the efficiency of our manufacturing and the pace of our living(becoming the new driving force for economic growth). Even more important is that (more importantly) the Internet on the basis of computers has helped to build a more cohesive and harmonious community in the digital age.

Last but not least, science and technology is undoubtedly beneficial...

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