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Traditional Payment vs Mobile Paymentt

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In the new era of high technology, traditional payments struggle to endure the competition with electronic money or what we call “mobile payment” because more and more people prefer to have virtual wallets. Since mobile payment systems are relatively inexpensive and affordable, many small businesses have been quick to adopt the new technology. In many ways, it is easier for small businesses to implement the mobile payment programs because they don’t have a large infrastructure to work through, so small businesses can jump right in. Other than that, when customers come to the register to pay for their meal or purchases, many people can now easily hold up their mobile phones instead of handing over dollar bills or pulling out a credit or debit cards, plus it does not require a sophisticated technical knowledge to implement. One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile payment option is the ability to integrate with their incentive and loyalty programs into the mobile payment applications. Instead of customers having to keep up with punch cards or key ring tags, all of their information is stored in the application each time they make a purchase with their mobile device. Essentially mobile payments are more secure than the traditional credit or debit cards. The retailer’s system never has direct access to the cardholder’s account number, so current point-of-sale malware doesn’t work against it. In addition most mobile payments are fast. Customers simply pass their mobile device over a near-field communication (NFC) reader connected to the POS system. Some systems require entering a password or PIN, but others are just scan-and-go. Usually every service is designed to reach the widest possible audience, so it has the intuitively understandable user interface. On top of that there is always the opportunity to submit a question to a support team, which often works 24/7....

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